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I apologize for my confusion, but being a most senior citizen, what may be easy to understand for some is not for me.  We are on DSL, which comes in by modem which attaches to a router, from which my wife has the first input on her own computer using IP address and my computer is off an additional outlet on the router but my IP address is to prevent conflict.  In running your program it shows 2 routers with addresses and then as a Gateway and DNSI.  Our children use sites where we can download pictures but when we try allowing uploads they said port is closed.  We use just my computer for this.  I have no idea which router would be first, as to me a Gateway could be either an entrance to our a route out.  On Belkin I did find a VIRTUAL item that has places to add addresses but also has IP address, private, etc.  I find myself getting totally confused as to what to do and in what order.  I am sure it is probably quite clear to those more computer literate.  I guess I needed more basic step by step.  Thank you most sincerely.
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Re: Some as in, alot of confusion for multi routers due to personal ignorance
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no problem. Lets get started.

Your internet comes in through your modem, which also happens to be a router as well. Then your Belkin plugs into your modem and gets its IP from it. Then your computer plugs in the Belkin. As you can see its a chain.

So here is all you need to do.

Step 1. Log into your Belkin. On the first page is normally a status page. On that page look at the WAN info, see its ip? write that down. Now in that smae spot in the WAN is its gateway address (this is the IP to the modem) write it down as well.

Step 2. take that gateway address and log into your modem with it like this

Step 3. In your modem we need to find the DMZ page. This could be under NAT, Firewall or advanced settings. Try your best to find it.

Step 4. On the DMZ page you will put in the IP you wrote down from the Belkin. Enable DMZ and click save, apply or what ever the page says.

At this point you are now done with the multiple router problem. What we have done is tell the modem to send all incoming connections to the belkin. So now when you setup a port forwarding rule in the belkin it should now work. And you no longer need to worry about the modem getting in the way.

If you need help setting up a port forwarding rule in the belkin you can use my program or just use any of these guides.
A lot of the belkins are setup in the same way.

If you still need help let me know.

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Re: Some as in, alot of confusion for multi routers due to personal ignorance
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2009, 06:06:39 PM »