Author Topic: Help! I'm trying to make a server for a game and it wont work for my friends.  (Read 1269 times)

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So I have been trying to make a Unturned server for me and my friends. I port forwarded the port needed for it (27015) and allowed it on all of my firewalls. But it still wont work. I also made a static IP address. I don't know what else to do to fix it. I have went through your help guide also to maybe fix the issue, but nothing worked. I have a ActionTec MI424WR from Verizon. Hope you can help!  :cheesy: Forums

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Need/want more info, like..

#1 While we know that you have FIOS Internet, do you also have FIOS TV?

#2 Do you have a separate OR a spare RJ-45 WAN port router?

#3 If so, what is the brand and model of your separate or spare RJ-45 WAN port router?

For example:

a) The Motorola SB6141 is my cable modem (Non modem combo).

b) Note where modem combo = modem and router all-in-one.

c) My separate router is my Linksys E4200 hardware version one and it is behind my modem.

d) I also have a spare Linksys WRT54G hardware version 2, not in use.

#4 If not to question 2, do you have a spare computer that is not in use that works that either has:

a) Two NICs

b) OR you can add a second NIC into the computer?

For example by a second NIC into the computer I mean a PCI NIC like the TRENDnet - Fast Ethernet PCI Adapter (Model: TE100-PCIWN).

Note: at least one of those two NICs, must be a wired NIC.

#5 Did you use a port checker?

#6 Only if so, what was the result?

For example used Shield's UP and the result was closed.

#7 What software firewall is on your computer?

For example the one built into Windows 7.
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