Author Topic: Does port forwarding need to be set up on a DVR with QR code set up?  (Read 1427 times)

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Hi, there.. Shawn.

I have two Qsee DVR camera systems.  Both are up and running. Using a Netgear D2200D DSL router with static IP.

All my ports are open relating to both.. 80/85/6036.  Checked on

Router webpage indicates port fwding is set for one of the units with .18 ending on ip address (older unit with manual port fwding setup)  Other dvr has address ending in .42 is newer with QR coding for setting up port fwding.  But is not listed on the router port fwding page as having any port fwding rules  like the older unit that was manually set up.

I have been able to access it several times remotely with my phone with no issues but now it says.. FAILED TO CONNECT TO DEVICE.  PLEASE CHECK NETWORK AND DEVICE.

DUH?  Now what's up with that. Internet is connected and device is up and running?
Old Qsee unit QT 428 is up and running and I can access remotely from phone with no issues.

So, guess my question is..  do I need to set up port fwding rules for the 2nd .42 DVR even though the ports are open for it already (6036 and 85). 

It is a newer model Qsee QT-5682  than the QT-428 with QR code set up, which I applied and like I said has been working with on and off access?  But now no go.. so trying to figure out what has changed today? 

Maybe that QR coding isn't all what it's cracked up to be?  Except used it last winter with no issues but now I am these problems.. so not sure what has changed?

Your thoughts please.

Kitty Wells
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