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IP Camera Problems
« on: July 31, 2016, 09:48:36 PM »

I was hoping to get some help please!

I have read a couple of other threads pertaining to similar issues with the same router I am using, however my problem wasn't resolved. I believe my issue is with port forwarding.

My end goal is to remotely connect to an IP PTZ, using either a PC and/or smart device. At present I can connect and control the PTZ unit over LAN, but am having difficulties setting the devices up to communicate over WAN.

I am using an Asus DSL-N13 router.

The WAN IP address is static.

The DSL-N13 IP address is

The PTZ IP address is

I have added ports 80, 2222, 443 and 554 to the DSL-N13 virtual servers page, and rebooted the router. I have attached a screen shot of the virtual server page.

Port triggering is blank.
DMZ is blank.
I am unsure whether any information needs to be entered into the Static Route page??

I have downloaded and used your Simple Port Tester program. I noticed the "IP to listen on" is set to I entered in the above port numbers, both TCP and UDP, but they all failed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks & regards,
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IP Camera Problems
« on: July 31, 2016, 09:48:36 PM »

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Re: IP Camera Problems
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2016, 05:30:56 AM »
When you use that client side port checker (Simple Port Tester program) you are to forward the ports to your computer's LAN IP.

If you did not try it that way, try it that way.

If you tried that and you get/got the same result...

#1 Go to

#2 On that web page is the non bogan IP (Public) Address that users from Internet use to connect to you.

#3 In your router, you must have the same non bogan IP Address.

#4 If your router you do not see the non bogan IP Address, it first depends on the WAN IP in the router.

a) If the WAN IP in the router is in the IP Address Range of -, then CGNAT/NAT444/LSN is present.


If you want more details about CGNAT/NAT444/LSN, you can look at

The possible fixes to fix your issue if CGNAT/NAT444/LSN is present.

#1 Have them in their NAT router forward the ports to the IP of your router..

#2 Upgrading the type of plan that you are on with your ISP so that you get a non bogan IP Address.

For example if you are a Residential Service Plan, consider going to a Business Service Plan.

#3 Consider switching to another ISP that can give you you a non bogan IP Address.

#4 For the long term future, get IPv6 working.


b) If the WAN IP in the router is any of these IP Address Range(s):

From to, from to OR from to now it matters the type of NAT router it is.

-> Based upon your type of router, CGNAT/NAT444/LSN is present ( see above for fix ).

d) If the WAN IP was not any of those, it would be a good idea to check to see how the non bogan IP Address is not the same (and not NAT). If users need help finding why that is, they are to asking for help doing so.

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Re: IP Camera Problems
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