Author Topic: I get a Login Failed on my LOREX DDNS site, anyone know how Lorex is authenticat  (Read 17746 times)

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 I have successfully connected one of the client's location which was pretty straight forward but I am stuck at the ddns authentication page where you login as admin for the DVR system. I have tried creating a new user with admin privileges but every account I try I get a 'Login failed!'.

 I have exhausted all google links trying to figure out how lorex ddns authenticates but I have had no luck so I am throwing a Hail Mary pass to you guys.. This endeavor has proved to be very frustrating due to the fact that I have one location fully operational and I have repeated all the steps from the first ddns site.

I have access to the site which is but cannot authenticate with any username or password. Has anyone had the same problem?

Any guidance/suggestions would be very helpful at this point. Thank you for you time. Forums