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Hello, I'm Mauricio , I'm from Argentina , and searching and searching , I come to your page , I'm tired , I find no solution to my problem, now I'll say that my problem is I can not figure out how to open ports for my PS3 :sad:, my router Zyxel P- 660HW -T1 v3 , use each of the ways I could read for a month, but nothing worked , if you can help me appreciate it a lot, I expect an answer , a greeting in Latin America. Forums

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#1 Go to

#2 On that web page is the non bogan IP Address that users from Internet use to connect to you.

#3 Please tell me that some where in your modem combo, you saw the same non bogan IP Address.

#4 Forward the ports to your computer in the router.

#5 Post the following screen shots:

a) Showing how you forwarded your ports in the router.

b) The results of this port tester (if you have any computers that run Windows)

(Or if on a Mac computer, A screen shot of the results of the simple-port-tester for mac.)

Lets go from there :-)
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