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TP-LINK router Add model TL-WR841HD PLEASE Forums

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Re: Router
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I looked for examples of what Shane has said to other user(s) with other routers, that have the same issue (not to say the same brand, model and firmware of the router that you have).

This example is from,5393.0.html


Post a screen shot of the program when it tires to update the router so I can see where it is getting stuck. There are different firmwares for each router. SO in this case you choose the Netgear - WNDR3400 (Netgear Firmware)

But there is also Netgear - WNDR3400v2 (Netgear Genie Firmware) and Netgear - WNDR3400v3 (Netgear Genie Firmware) (If you havent tried those you should)


In your case:

#1 Post the screen shot that he requested for your router.

#2 While I know your router is not the  Netgear - WNDR3400, check the program to see if there is another firmware listed in the program for your router.
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Re: Router
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