Author Topic: Device for IP/VPN passthrough for automated 3G failover in front of other device  (Read 27858 times)

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I have a few sites that I want to put an automated failover 3G connection onto. There are plenty of modems that will do the job but I like the routers that I have in place. I don't want to change them out. Instead, I would like to have some kind of 4G gateway that simply converts the 4G signal to ethernet through USB modem (or integrated modem) and also accepts my primary WAN connection. It should then failover to the 4G and other than that, do nothing. Just pass through the IP and VPN traffic to my router.

I thought this would be easy but all I'm finding are $750 cradlepoint devices that can do this. There are tons of $20 and $40 routers out there that will do all but the passthrough and it just doesn't make sense to me. I want a device to do LESS work with LESS features and I have to pay 10 times as much?

I keep thinking there HAS to be another way. Something I'm missing that I can do on an inexpensive router that will do this without wanting to do NAT or interfering with the LAN or VPNs. I've tried a TP Link, D-Link, and Zoom failover router though and none have worked. Am I truly stuck paying hundreds of dollars for a stripped down router? Forums

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I havent set it up that way so I dont have the perfect answer for you. But I do know that when I setup fail overs that I normally get a router, in this case a netgear small business grade router that has multiple WAN ports on them. That way if one wan port fails or isnt working it can switch over to the other. Then I just plug in the WAN connections into the ports like normal and then setup the fail over rules.

For the 4g I dont know, if the 4g modem has a network cable you can use to plug into a wan port on a router then the same setup I do should do the trick.

In this case it is normally business and such that ever do any kind of fail switch over, so you normally are not going to find any good cheap home type routers to do it, they are normally going to be small business grade eons and the price can get high. I know there are some cheaper ones, but jut remember you do get what you pay for lol.

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