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I sent you pictures for this router i need that "Simple Port Forwarding" support it but nothing yet. So i ask you when it will be done? Or just for you is impossible?

P.S wanna open ports boths TCP and UDP but port checker shows :

"Error: I could not see your service on on port (44405) Reason: Connection timed out (without loopback) with loopback shows "Connection refused"

Tried all ways that was said like "add ports to firewall , off firewall , off router firewall , on PnP settings , DMZ settings and nothing changed.

Using windows xp professional X86 bit , SP3 , NET framework 4 , c++ 2013.

Thanks for answers and suggestions.

#1 Unknown by me, when it will be added to the router data base since that is Shane's job.

#2 Forward the ports to your computer in the router.

#3 Post the following screen shots:

a) Showing how you forwarded your ports in the router.

b) The results of this port tester
http://www.pcwintech.com/simple-port-tester (if you have any computers that run Windows)

(Or if on a Mac computer, A screen shot of the results of the simple-port-tester for mac.)

Lets go from there :-)

Note you did steps: 2 and 3a.

I checked with Simple Port Tester and take shanes "Tweaking.com - Windows Repair" added needed files still nothing.

I am WAY behind on getting routers done, shot me a reminder tomorrow and I will check the screen shots you uploaded and get it added if all the pages are there :-)

Can you also post a screen shot of the results of my port tester program?



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