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port forwarding for PcAnywhere
« on: March 15, 2015, 04:24:49 PM »
UPDATE: maybe visiting your site brought good luck!  I *thought* i  had tried the default ports 5631 5632 in the past with no luck, but just did again and it worked!  Maybe I had not forwarded them and thought I did ... glad to have Pcanywhere back. 

great site, I will go over your thorough page on port forwarding just to see if I'm missing anything ... but I think my problem is unsolvable.  Background:  modem failed 10 days ago, it had always worked well with PcAnywhere (using ports 5633 5634).  We got an identical replacement from Time Warner - PcAnywhere wouldn't work (and I know the forwarding process in my sleep).   Portqry (Microsoft utility) said 5633 / 5634 were 'Filtered' , but would properly say ports like 25 were Listening.  I resorted to using Remote Desktop (port 3389) which *did* forward properly and worked fine - but the mandatory Windows login process is causing problems with some telnet scripts - they don't start since I believe exiting Remote Desktop takes you 'out' and back to the login screen.  The scripts open but don't execute - *never* had that problem with PcAnywhere.  So I tried your Port Tester and surprisingly it said 5633 / 5634 were open.  Yet PcAnywhere does not connect.  One oddity - maybe because I was using TeamViewer during these tests, but 'something' was causing the computer to reboot on its own with your program running.  Don't know if some conflict (?) was occuring. Happened 3 times so I finally called it quits on testing.   But the summary is this: your Port Tester says 5633/5634 *are* open, yet PortQry says 'Filtered' (when it should just say Listening) and my beloved PcAnywhere is not working.  TW gave us another modem, with the same results - so it's hard for me to say where the blame is.  All I know is 10 days ago all was well ... could the modem that failed have 'damaged' something related to the ports?  I will check on the Windows Firewall corruption possibility, but since 3389 does forward as expected, whatever is in effect seems only to hinder 5633/5634.  I've always used those 2 ports since the 5631/5632 default ports never worked, must be in use by something else - which seems odd but I never questioned it.  Just to be sure I tried those ... no luck
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port forwarding for PcAnywhere
« on: March 15, 2015, 04:24:49 PM »

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Re: port forwarding for PcAnywhere
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2015, 08:54:36 PM »
Good to hear you got it working :-)

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Re: port forwarding for PcAnywhere
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