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Router Issues
« on: October 31, 2014, 05:17:29 PM »
I've been struggling with an issue for a month that I cannot figure out. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as support through product help lines has been dismal at best.

My internet is from a wireless carrier; ie, I have a radio at the end of my drive that picks up signal from a source on a grain tower a mile away. I have had a single band Linksys router  (WRK 54G) for some time that worked great. It started disconnecting frequently, so I figured it was time to replace. I purchased a NetGear dual band router (R6300) thinking I was moving up in the technology chain. After hooking up and running through the necessary steps, I noticed my download speeds were poor, hovering right around 1mbps. My upload was strong, usually between 4mbps and 6mbps. I figured it had something to do with the wireless, so hooked the router up to the PC directly. This is where I'm lost: the download speed didn't improve at all.

If I hook up my old router, the speeds jump back up to where they should be, around 7mbps (don't laugh, that's as good as it gets when you're tucked into a wooded rural area). I went and bought another new dual band router, this time a Linksys, and it performed exactly the same as the NetGear. Downloads around 1mbps.

I need help!!! It apparently has nothing to do with wireless, as it performs the same when I shut off the wireless and hook directly to the PC. Any thoughts? Should I go buy a single band router and see if that works??

Thanks in advance for any advice. I've searched everywhere and can't find anyone with the same problem.... Forums

Router Issues
« on: October 31, 2014, 05:17:29 PM »

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Re: Router Issues
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2014, 01:09:52 PM »
Try disabling the 5 ghz wireless in the router. Some of the wireless ISPs use the 5ghz range and it is possible the router is messing with it since your old model was 2.4 ghz only and the new models have the 5 ghz as well. :wink:

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Re: Router Issues
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2014, 01:09:52 PM »