Author Topic: CleanMem + Process Lasso Pro and/or O&O CleverCache Pro (all latest versions)  (Read 6398 times)

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I would like to know if such combination would be good (or not) to my PC:

CleanMem + Process Lasso Pro and/or O&O CleverCache Pro (all latest versions)

I'm currently using a very slow notebook with only 1 GB of RAM. I plan to use all these apps together with their default settings. The only modification I may make is to enable "Gaming/multimedia mode" in Process Lasso Pro if it's OK in your opinion.

Could you have a look at them and do some technical tests?

Also, is O&O CleverCache the most "complete" of these (regarding automatic optimizations)? Would CleanMem badly conflict with O&O CleverCache Pro and/or Process Lasso?

Thank you for your attention. Forums

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I have never used those so I dont have an answer.

Honestly try Cleanmem (The free version) only at first and see how it does. Change the task scheduler for cleanmem to run every 5 min instead of 15 min :wink:

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CleanMem runs perfectly along side with Process Lasso.

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