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Complete Foscam setup-multiple Foscams
« on: April 08, 2011, 04:52:39 PM »
Not sure if this is a good place to post this info but wanted to share so others benefit. It is one way to setup multiple Foscams (F18918W) that can be accessed over the internet. Tried to write what I learned from multiple forums into this one forum in the most simple language as possible.
No doubt there are probably other ways to make these cameras work but this one simply works.
First, there are multiple variables any one of which will result in the same thing. No image.
For the record here’s how to do it for homes with a single Cable Modem (Not DSL), single Router and multiple Foscam IP cameras:
There is an order of how things are setup:
1.   Get a Dynamic Host Name (Domain server) for each camera
2.   Setup Camera #1 to a Static IP address…then setup Camera #2…#3….
3.   Setup your Router to match your Cameras and Dynamic Host Name (Domain server)
Router setting for these cameras to work over the Internet:
1.   Must use Port Forwarding.
2.   Must use a Static IP for each camera
3.   Must establish a unique Port for each camera.
4.   Don’t use uPNP. It is inconsistent.
5.   Don’t use your router DHCP for these cameras. It only works for locally attached devices. It’s OK to have a “Mixed” setup of static and DHCP devices in your LAN (Subnet). Leave your router DHCP turned on for other devices but also setup a few “Static” addresses specifically for these cameras.
1.   Define this info for each camera:
a.   Camera MAC address (Foscam has a three labels on the bottom. The one with the default log in info contains the “Real” MAC Address for the camera).
b.   Unique “Name”
c.   Device/Camera Name
d.   IP address-Wire
e.   IP Address-Wireless
f.   Port # for wire. Port # for Wireless
2.   Go to and setup a Dynamic Host Name. I set one up for each camera. I selected create account and from within selected ( [a unique number/name] but you may select any of the domains as long as you are consistent.
3.   Write down the MAC address of each camera in your map.
4.   Camera 1: Connect the “hardwire” connection from your router (Cat5 cable) to the camera. Forget about wireless for now).
5.   Plug in power and network wire all cameras and do NOT hit their reset buttons. These things are setup “Out of the box” to work.
Router Setup:
1.   Enter router setup utility with your admin name and password. (Don’t know it? Ask your search engine of choice by entering What is my default login for my [Router brand name] ? in your browser search engine.
2.   Look for and verify DHCP is turned. (Your router is your LAN DHCP server. It “Serves" addresses automatically to any device on your local home network that also have DHCP turned on.
3.   Most routers use either 0R For clarity I will use for the rest of these instructions.
4.   Under your LAN settings you should be able to reserve addresses for devices.
5.   Verify the address “range” of your LAN is from through 253 (Note: Your Router by default is assigned to the first address of your subnet (LAN) or
6.   Reserve an IP address of your LAN for each Camera. I started with for the Wire connection and for the Wireless connection of the camera. You will need the MAC address for each camera and a separate port number.
7.   Find uPNP setting. Turn it OFF. It’s just plain unreliable.
8.   Find Port Forwarding. Assign a port to each Foscam (2 unique port #'s- Wire and Wireless access) If asked for a range of ports enter the same port number for the beginning and end of range. Examplefor wire: 5200/5200. The camera will always be accessible by the hard Wire through this specific port 5200. Use port 5201 for the Wireless access.
9.   For Wireless, enter wireless settings and note the encryption method you are using Example: WPA2 Personal (TKIP+AES), and the Shared key. If one is not defined then you need to learn about home network security. (For another day) and set this up to get wireless access to the camera(s).
10.   Save the new router setup.
11.   Enter the router once again and backup the router setup.
Camera Setup:
1.   Load “Easy Config” software.
2.   Connect the “hardwire” connection (Cat5 cable) on the camera. Forget about wireless for now).
3.   Access Foscam #1 by selecting the Camera in the IP Camera Tool (This will be a local access connection and cannot be seen over the internet)
4.   Log in with the default login and password for the foscam.
5.   Select: Administrator.
6.   Select: Alias Settings and enter a unique camera name. Example: Kitchen1 (Submit to save changes).
7.   Select Date & Time. Set your timezone, Select: Sync with NTP Server, Select: (Submit to save changes)
8.   Under User Settings Add your camera’s admin name and password, select: Administrator.
9.   Under uPNP settings: Turn it OFF. It’s just plain unreliable. (Submit to change)
10.   Select Basic Network Settings
11.   Turn OFF Obtain IP from DHCP server.
12.   Enter the IP address you reserved for this camera (The Wire) In my example I used
13.   Enter the Subnet Mask
14.   Enter the Gateway (Which is your router subnet IP) in my example it would be:
15.   The DNS server is the same as the Gateway (Router)
16.   Http Port is the port number you reserved for camera #1 In my example this would be 5200 (Note: DO NOT use 80 or 8080). (Submit to save changes).
17.   If you are going to use this as a wireless camera then enter Wireless Setup.
18.   Scan, Select the network of choice that pops up in the box (Autofills the info below) SSID= The name of your Home network Typically it is MSHOME (Not a good practice but that’s for another day). Encryption MUST match whatever encryption method defined in your router. Enter Shared Key. (Submit to save changes).
19.   Repeat steps 2-18 for all cameras in your network.
20.   Done. You will now have Internet Viewing capability.
How to test:
1.   There are a number of ways to get your “external” IP address. Use your Search Engine of choice and locate one. Your external address will be something like It will NOT be 192.168.x.x.
2.   Open a new browser and enter (Specific camera Port numbers.)
3.   If your Foscam software access window appears you have correctly configured your camera over the Internet and it can be accessed remotely via a web browser from anywhere in the world that allows this type of access.
4.   Unplug the wire from the camera.
6.   Open a new browser and enter camera Port numbers.)
7.   If your Foscam software access window appears you have correctly configured your camera over the Internet (and it is accessible via the Wireless port) can be accessed remotely via a web browser from anywhere in the world that allows this type of access.
8.   You can leave the wire connected to the camera. It will not affect your wireless access. You can only setup the camera over a wired access to the camera.
9. Your actual address for your cameras using to ensure continued connection (If your ISP changes your external IP address) will be: [[port]
10. save them in your browser "Favorites". Forums

Complete Foscam setup-multiple Foscams
« on: April 08, 2011, 04:52:39 PM »

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Re: Complete Foscam setup-multiple Foscams
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2011, 05:23:59 PM »
Thanks for the guide.
It will come in handy for other users :-)

I will go ahead and sticky this :wink:

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Re: Complete Foscam setup-multiple Foscams
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