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First, I am new here and already glad I ran across this site.  It was by accident.  I ran across CleanMem and decided to down load it.  I have a Dell 4600 w/2 GB of RAM.  I had FreeMem downloaded to track usage of ram and it generally stayed in the vicinity of 1200/1300 MG.  Immediately after loading CleanMem is jumped up to around 1800/1900 free RAM.  Also, the comp seemed to be running faster and little glitches I had noticed were no longer apparent.  Thank you, Shane.   As I said in the subject window......WOW!!!

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Re: WOW!
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Thanks for posting some real world experience on an older machine with a small amount of RAM.  This is where CleanMem seems to help the most.  Just out of curiousity what processor and exact model of hard drive are you running? 

If you have a slow hard drive (size is no concern to this question) and a slow processor then CleanMem will make more of a difference then if both of those had been lightning fast.   :wink:

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Re: WOW!
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