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Port Fowarding of a Cellular Connection
« on: September 14, 2010, 01:10:13 PM »
Non-Router Port Fowarding....

Setup:   Asus Netbook, XP, VZW USB727 Adapter

Cellular adapters connect using a dial-up process, so theres some additional work involved when wanting to use that connection for internet sharing, etc.


Running a video server on the LAN, which houses its own internal webserver so you can view each video camera on the network.  Using a port forwarding software, I'm attempting to gain access remotely to the video server, only to see the connection get established, then timeout within 30 seconds or so.

Additionally, when using webcamxp (a local web streaming utility), tried access via a webpage I setup that looks directly into my netbook, I can see the connection, no video connection occurs, and the connection times out shortly there after.

I've gone through the hidden settings, used port checkers, etc, but I know I have to be missing something, just can't figure out what.

I also understand there are questions about celluar services allowing inbound connections of the type, but from what I'm picking up out there, VZW isn't blocking any ports that I know of.

Question....  Since the other port fowarding utility guru doesn't awnser his calls for help, You seem to be up and tech savy, can you make a port forwarding application for use without a router for this need?

Additionally, I just found/read this post:,1432.0.html
To which your likely to refer me to/understand...

Which leads me to ask, is there a way to parse an argument on the first IP that carries to the second, persay the port I'm attempting to reach?


Is there a way to identify an inbound connection (with the use of a utility, ahem...) and would see that on the PC's/WAN IP (2nd IP), were I can achieve the same results of port fowarding for me needs?

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Port Fowarding of a Cellular Connection
« on: September 14, 2010, 01:10:13 PM »

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Re: Port Fowarding of a Cellular Connection
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2010, 02:25:57 PM »
Thats the problem with cell internet. Its the way they have it set up.
If you check the IP you are getting from the adapter and the IP on my port tester page you will see they don't match.

This means they have you behind a 2nd network that you don't get access to. So port forwarding of any kind simply isn't going to work.

When someone from the outside tries to connect it will hit their network first. And since it doesn't know where to send the connection it is just dropped.

Now I don't setup the ISP side, but one fellow tech of mine who owns a wireless ISP says he has his users behind a 2nd network because he doesn't have enough IP's for everyone. So the 2nd network gives him as many as he needs.

I asked him what about port forwarding and he says with the right router like linksys that supports UPnP the UPnP request goes through the linksys AND his network allowing it to work.

I never tested this and personally never heard of it. But that's what he said.

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Re: Port Fowarding of a Cellular Connection
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