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Hi, There are software that shows the starting download speed and upload speed 0 and when computer is browsed, they show the upload and download speed for the activities. I want a software that captures the real download and upload speed , as real time monitor in the desktop, instead of visiting the router page and see now and then.
                     It should show the realtime value in router?
General & Misc. / Re: Is there any fix to stealth the closed ports
« Last post by jraju on Today at 04:52:19 AM »
Hi, Please find enclosed the printscreen of portforwarding menu in my router.
There are some default por tforwarding of some ports in the normal course. But I am sure that those two ports in question are not found there.
Now say, how to stealth the ports
General & Misc. / Re: Is there any fix to stealth the closed ports
« Last post by trpted on Yesterday at 12:51:35 PM »
#1 Log-in to the router.

#2 Go to the forwarding page in the router.

#3 Take, save and upload a picture showing how the router's forwarding page is setup.

See as need be,
General & Misc. / Re: Is there any fix to stealth the closed ports
« Last post by jraju on November 18, 2017, 05:07:02 PM »
Hi, I do not understand, what you are trying to say,
How to portforward if i am having a router. There is nothing that suggests a reply guru. Shane , would you say any solution to this.
To guru,
                 I am using dlink router 2730u new model indian make.
                 I saw some tools of forwarding.
                 How to forward those ports, so that those are all also stealth instead of closed.
                 Since the other forum deals with other computer solution, and since, it is this place that deals with router, i ask here
Guru, may i expect a solution
General & Misc. / Re: Is there any fix to stealth the closed ports
« Last post by trpted on November 18, 2017, 01:04:31 PM »
#1 In the NAT router, not forwarding ports.

#2 If you need to forward ports, only:

a) Forward the ports that you need


b) forward when you need them.

#3 No NAT router?

-> Get one.

-> Could turn a spare normal computer into acting as one.
Hi, No reply has been given for this topic. could i expect shortly?
Hi, Shane,and all,
                    i find so much software giving download and upload speed from 0 kb to actuals when you browse the internet in real time> But i need a software from Shane and Co , that the software should capture the real download speed and upload speed  that is captured by the router and shown in router status to be constantly be present in floating tab near the tray icons.
                              Normally i find, the entry 0 kb and if you start browsing it shows the speed at which you are getting the pages in upload speed and download speed changes.
                                    I have seen that download speed and upload speed in the router device status page is changing actually in real time for both download and upload speeds. I want to constantly monitor those so that i am sure of my download speed  and upload speed. Any idea
General & Misc. / Is there any fix to stealth the closed ports
« Last post by jraju on November 13, 2017, 04:11:45 AM »
Hi, Recent scan in shields up , all ports scan show port 513, and 514 or closed but not stealthy. Closed ports are ok, but stealthy ports are double ok. How to make those stealthy. Any idea
Hi, there.. Shawn.

I have two Qsee DVR camera systems.  Both are up and running. Using a Netgear D2200D DSL router with static IP.

All my ports are open relating to both.. 80/85/6036.  Checked on

Router webpage indicates port fwding is set for one of the units with .18 ending on ip address (older unit with manual port fwding setup)  Other dvr has address ending in .42 is newer with QR coding for setting up port fwding.  But is not listed on the router port fwding page as having any port fwding rules  like the older unit that was manually set up.

I have been able to access it several times remotely with my phone with no issues but now it says.. FAILED TO CONNECT TO DEVICE.  PLEASE CHECK NETWORK AND DEVICE.

DUH?  Now what's up with that. Internet is connected and device is up and running?
Old Qsee unit QT 428 is up and running and I can access remotely from phone with no issues.

So, guess my question is..  do I need to set up port fwding rules for the 2nd .42 DVR even though the ports are open for it already (6036 and 85). 

It is a newer model Qsee QT-5682  than the QT-428 with QR code set up, which I applied and like I said has been working with on and off access?  But now no go.. so trying to figure out what has changed today? 

Maybe that QR coding isn't all what it's cracked up to be?  Except used it last winter with no issues but now I am these problems.. so not sure what has changed?

Your thoughts please.

Kitty Wells
(Program) Shane's Toolbox / Router setup for port forwarding
« Last post by misskittykat on November 10, 2017, 11:08:02 AM »
I have a new Netgear 2200 router as opposed to my old Westell B90-7500-07 that I already had programmed for portforwarding but it died so I have to program this new one.. the old one was Frontier firmware.  My DSL provider is still frontier but on the router page options in the simple port forwarding they do not show this router.. just a DGN2200 router with Netgear firmware.. does anyone or Shawn know if this is one in the same as the old B90-7500 as they look identical?  Even the pages internally on the new router mirror the old Westell router.  Any ideas?

Just don't want to make it set up the Port forwarding hand have it screw up the router?

Thanks for anyone's help!

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