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Title: own sagemcom 5260 cv pf problem
Post by: dmbbmartin on February 07, 2018, 04:44:33 PM
now it worked perfectly till last week.  I got Norton, and all of a sudden lost the connections to the port. 
(had webroot...ugh, was fine)

anyway, Norton checked every thing over again....two calls and hour a piece...they could not find the problem.
in the meantime, I did go into the router and reset the game....and the provider of the router checked it all out, trying to find out why it did not work and said I PFed it correctly.

Norton, and Windows 10 defender is both allowing the game. (although in win 10 the game, diamondmind baseball, is listed more than once to allow?  is that okay?

I have been trying to fix this since jan 28, 9 days....any good ideas, and can shane give it a try?  And if so, what does it take.

thank you
Martin    dmbbmartin