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Title: Can’t get port forwarding to work
Post by: ToucaN on January 04, 2018, 09:30:13 AM
Hello, a few days ago i decided to make a server for CS:GO and i want to host it myself. Everything went fine until i got to the port forwarding part. I own a technicolor TC7200-U. I set up the port forwarding, but when i check the ports they show up as closed ( i am using the port checking program).
I don't know what to do anymore, i checked the firewall and its turned off (there is an 'ipv6' firewall which is on), i turned 'WAN blocking' off. I set up an static ip. Also i’ve read somewhere that the ‘wan ip’ should not be private (like 192.168.x.x) but the thing is i can’t find any wan ip when i log in on the router... It has 2 sections ‘internet’ and ‘local network’. Under ‘internet’ there is only an ipv6 address, no wan ip.

Any ideas what i should do?
Title: Re: Can’t get port forwarding to work
Post by: trpted on January 04, 2018, 06:07:09 PM
#1 In the Internet area is where I would think the WAN IP is.

#2 Take a screen shot showing that area, but not showing:

( See as need be https://www.take-a-screenshot.org/ )

a) the IPv6 Address.

b) the full MAC/Physical/Hardware Address. For example mine starts with 00:13:20

c) Host name

d) Any login credentials (PPPoE, PPPoA, PPTP, L2TP, and Big Pond) if the router handles that instead of pure DHCP (not DHCP PPPoE for example) or pure Static IP (not Static PPPoE).

#3 What is your ISP?

#4 How did you get this NAT router?

#5 Do you have a separate OR a spare RJ-45 WAN port router?

#6 If so, what is the brand and model of your separate or spare RJ-45 WAN port router?

For example:

a) The Motorola SB6141 is my cable modem (Non modem combo).

b) Note where modem combo = modem and router all-in-one.

c) My separate router is my Linksys E4200 hardware version one and it is behind my modem.

d) I also have a spare Linksys WRT54G hardware version 2, not in use.

#7 If not to question 5, do you have a spare computer that is not in use that works that either has:

a) Two NICs

b) OR you can add a second NIC into the computer?

For example by a second NIC into the computer I mean a PCI NIC like the TRENDnet - Fast Ethernet PCI Adapter (Model: TE100-PCIWN).

Note: at least one of those two NICs, must be a wired NIC.