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Title: VERIZON D-LINK DSL 2750B cant find any info on how to get port open
Post by: CColon0225 on September 30, 2015, 05:29:12 PM

I posted regarding my Verizon D-Link DSL 2750B and how I can't get the screen capture zip file uploaded in the "screen capture" posts. Received one response which I did not really understand.
I do believe you have this D-Link model in your manual however it is not the Verizon version and I can't find info to get port 3074 open for playing Gears of War.
Does anyone else have this Verizon version and have instruction to get ports open? I have spent hours trying to do this with no luck and feel I'm missing something. Of course Verizon customer service wants $40 to open it for me. Not paying that.

Thank you