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Simple Port Forwarding Translation
« on: December 09, 2009, 10:26:38 AM »
As of Simple Port Forwarding v2.7.0 the program now supports Unicode.
Which means there is no language it can't support.  :artist:

This also means however that I had to use a translator to get the current languages it has. (I Used Google translator, insert what the heck is wrong with you here)

So this means that the languages need some work! So if you would like to contribute and help out just let me know.  :wink:

Changing the language files is very simple. Let me give you a quick how-to, and when you have a updated file just send it to me and I will get it added to the program.

Simple Port Forwarding - Translation How-To
(I used the same guide here from the Simple Port Tester. They are both the same.)

In the same directory as the program is a Languages folder. Inside here are all the files.

Open the file you wish to edit with notepad.
Once open make sure Word Wrap is turned OFF (Unchecked)

As you see on the left is the English and on the left is the translation. Just make the changes you need on the left leaving the English ones as they are.
Feel free to change some of the translation to help make words fit. As long as the point of the words still get across that is fine.

Once finished saved the file.
It is important you choose the right encoding. Make sure you choose Unicode (As seen in the picture)

That's it! Nice and simple, just how it should be. Once saved you can then open Simple Port Forwarding and test your changes.
Once you are all set send me the new file, I will check it and then get it added to the program :-)

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Simple Port Forwarding Translation
« on: December 09, 2009, 10:26:38 AM »